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Why card tricks?

Card tricks are fun

Card magic is a fun hobby. Unlike many activities, even after you've mastered the techniques, card magic will continue to provide you with challenge, and a reward in the shape of rapid improvement. It won't be long before you're able to perform tricks you might have thought only pro magicians could do, and on top of that - you'll enjoy it. While many people envision magic as some supernatural power, that may help you guess your opponents' hands when you play card games, card tricks are very real, and when you master performing a certain trick it can seem just as amazing.

Card tricks are useful

Card tricks are useful, because card magic is a social skill. Card tricks make a clever way to strike up conversations, or gather the family around the dinner table. They provide you with a unique ability, something that's not so common. Further more: they make an excellent way to practice charisma, and self-confidence.

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Everybody loves card tricks

A friend of mine had a job interview. After the interview was over, he spotted a deck of cards lying on the interviewer’s desk. He picked up the deck and asked the interviewer if he likes card magic tricks. The interviewer answered that he does. My friend then performed a cool card trick he knew - This n’ That. The interviewer was amazed, and asked him to teach him that trick. Needles to say he got that job.

Card tricks are easier than you may think

Most of the card magic tutorials in require no more than a regular deck of cards. No cheat-cards, no crops, no hidden-pockets. Just learn the method, practice the card tricks, and you’re ready to go!

Warning: card tricks are addictive

Once you get started with card magic, it’s hard to stop. Card magic will quickly become your hobby. It can easily take away chunks of time from your week, as you improve at it and it becomes more and more fun. You’ll quickly advance from easy card tricks section to the intermediate, and with a little more practice you’ll be able to perform some of the hard card tricks in just a few weeks.

Improve your card skills by practicing online

Becoming skilled at card tricks takes practice, and these days there are so many intuitive ways you can use to brush up on your card skills. Online gambling sites like allow you to use their software in practice mode, meaning that you can use state of the art software online to improve your skills without wagering any money.

Did you know you can also try your online casino card games skills in live games? See a real live casino dealer shuffling the cards, and learn card tricks from other players.

You are at the right place

With more than 200 free card magic tutorials, videos and guides, categorized and rated, is the perfect spot to start learning card tricks or add new tricks to your magic repertoire.

So all that’s left to do is to go through the categories, pick a tutorial, video or text, grab a deck of cards and start!

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